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Mission Statement

Freedom Fit Coaching is a life coaching program dedicated to serving at-risk youth and
young adults. Our goal is to help each individual live a life of purpose!

About Me
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Program Overview

At Freedom Fit Coaching, our goal is to help at-risk youth and young adults live a life of purpose. We use a strengths-based approach to help our clients become competent in endeavors that are intrinsically motivating to them. In doing so, we provide protective factors against behaviors and habits that could be otherwise detrimental to their personal development. In the process of addressing their individual needs, our clients are able to build positive relationships and restore the trust that was lost in themselves and others due to their traumatic experiences. Understanding the lasting effects of trauma, we use CBT based workshops and interventions to help our youth address triggers and fears that can be a hindrance on their path to success.

Image by Luke Chesser

Program OutcomeS

Some of the outcomes that we provide are improving self-confidence, self-esteem, social skills, anger management, and conflict resolution skills. We also help our clients to obtain and maintain employment, gain exposure to internships and job shadowing opportunities, take educational trips, and register for prosocial activities. Lastly, we help to improve life skills such as financial literacy, hygiene, cooking, professional skills, and independent living skills.

Blue Sky


The youth here at Lutheran Services, Oak House, have had the benefit of receiving Life Coaching from Freedom Fit Coaching. Specifically, Life Coach Jaclyn Booth’s consistency, constructive youth development practices, and positive approach to challenging behavior has made a major impact on the youth that she serves here. We are hopeful that our continued partnership will have a lasting impact on the youth as they grow to become positive and productive citizens in the community through receiving this service. 

S. Miller, MS, Director of the Oak House Group Home For Lutheran Services.


Helping each individual live a life of purpose!

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